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PyAudioMixer: A more versatile Python Audio Mixer

When I came across swmixer, it seemed it answered 90% of my needs for a mixer for an amateur radio application I was working on. However, the one thing that it didn't support that was a deal breaker was that only one mixer could be set up. This was no bueno.

The wonderful thing about swmixer, though, was that it seemed like it would lend itself well to being more objectified so that more than one mixer could be set up. And that's exactly what happened.

PyAudioMixer is a fork of swmixer with the following changes (roadmap items in italics):

  • Multiple discrete mixers
  • Microphone as a channel (with volume control)
  • Frequency and DTMF Generators
  • Support for unlimited length (live) audio streams (partially completed)
  • Mixer to mixer I/O
  • Output to file
  • Network transport & codec support

Patches and comments are welcome!