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Attending x.commerce Innovate Developer Conference

Tomorrow, several other "Classy Llamas": and I will be heading to San Francisco to attend the "x.commerce": "Innovate Developers Conference":! This is very exciting for a couple of reasons: # The idea of x.commerce is very ambitious. It is the first platform that aims to be first full-spectrum, end-to-end eCommerce platform. It's exciting to be a part of something like that. # Secondly, Magento will be testing their "Beta Developer Certification Exam": I've been a big supporter of this and it will be awesome to be one of the first to take this new exam and become a Certified Magento Developer! # Lastly, it will be great to meet & greet the other Magento developers and partners. We'll be updating our "Classy Llama blog": with updates as we can!