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Do It With Drupal

Do It With Drupal has been great so far! Met lots of people and have been having a great time! We went out to eat last night at Bourbon House Seafood on Bourbon Street: !sites/! !sites/! It's a wonderful place. Great food and not too pricey! Seafood platter = win. The conference came up to full speed this morning and there has never been a dull moment. Lots of great ideas and some good conversations. !sites/! So far, a few thoughts: * There are a *lot* of .edus here. 50% or more at least. * I've heard "we have _that_ problem, too" a lot. People feel less dumb knowing that others are running into the same problem as they are. * Themes seem to cause more "issues" than any other piece of Drupal. (You know, as opposed to modules or things not working right.)