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Fixed My First Dryer Today

I have an old GE Dryer (Model # DDE5300BBL) downstairs. The belt popped in it about a month ago and I finally got around to fixing it. Unscrewed everything, cleaned it, but then I couldn't find out how the belt fit. Luckily, everything is on the internet.

Had I shopped a little harder, I could've gotten the belt for "about $6":, but I ended up spending about "$18 with shipping": Taking the thing apart was easy. Cleaning the beast was a task, taking about 40 minutes and several trips to empty the vacuum. Then the belt wouldn't fit right. Turns out I was doin it rong. Oh well. A couple more google searches led me to a that describe "how to change a GE dryer belt": (among other things). Great little site. Now my dryer is happily spinning away and the repair only took about an hour total.