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I Hate Microsoft Office 2008 For Mac

I have no earthly idea *why* it does this, but it really makes my blood boil: !/sites/! Just in case you are wondering what the problem is, my documents are not named _Document1 [Compatibility Mode]_ and _Document2 [Compatibility Mode]_. They are called... well it doesn't matter what they are called but it's not this! I'm sure you can imagine what it's like having to use 2 programs to figure out what I'm looking at. And yes, these documents were originally created by Microsoft Word (for Windows, no doubt). I'm uninstalling Office 2008 this afternoon. I'm tired of this crap.


I waste about half my time screwing around with this disgusting program. You make one small, simple change and something random happens. You need to go through three operations to do what other programs allow you to do in once shot. God... I curse them.

I could not agree more, I despise it to the core and resent all the time wasted that will never be returned to me.

Its midnight, my thesis is due in 9 hours, and all I want is to disable the track changes so that my adviser can't see every change that has been proposed electronically over the past month. Each version of Word is worse than the last.