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iPhone Functionality Wishlist

A list things which would be really nice to have for the iPhone:

h2. Using the iPhone as a remote monitor (of sorts)

While docked, for instance, you could have CPU, Memory, HDD, etc usage running on your phone. Apps could use the phone for extra input or space. You could play music on your main machine and have it do visualization. Download managers can talk to the phone and show throughput, etc. Xtorrent could put it's "finished" display on there. Just some ideas.

h2. Phone Integration

  • Music fades (like it does when listening on the phone) on your machine when you get a call. I love this feature when I'm using it in my car. It would be great if it did it while docked to your machine (or over bluetooth).
  • Caller-ID pops up on your screen when you get a call. Again, would be nice.
  • Ability to make answer the phone from your machine.
  • Send txt messages from an interface on your computer. Need I say more?
  • Auto-lock when you step away from the computer.

h2. Data Export

I would love to be able to export my call data (or have it show up in Address book under notes). When working with clients, it would be nice to be able to just import call logs and have the times associated with each client so you know how much time you talk to them on the phone.