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A Question To Everyone Who Downloaded Spore

Spore has become the "“Most Pirated Game Ever Thanks To DRM”": I understand and can't say that I would not do the same thing considering the circumstances. "Erick Schonfeld from TechCrunch explains":

The DRM that comes with the official game only allows customers to use it on three machines (after that you have to call EA for permission to activate the game on additional machines). This is nothing more than an inconvenience. Gamers, in general, are more likely to have more than one computer, and to cycle through computers faster than other PC owners because they always want the latest, greatest, and fastest machines. Many will hit that three-machine limit quickly.

Maybe EA should join the rest of the entertainment industry in coming up with a consistent DRM policy. Unlike iTunes, which imposes a five-machine limit on most purchased songs and movies, there is no way to associate new machines or disassociate old ones from your account online. You have to call. That does not scale.

It now appears that EA has "gotten the message":, and has vowed to "make some changes": bq. Electronic Arts' highly-anticipated real-time strategy game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, is going to ease up on its digital rights management (DRM). While Red Alert 3 will still use SecuROM, the same copy protection that Electronic Arts Los Angeles has used for its last three C&C titles, Red Alert 3 will up the installation limit from three to five... In regards to Spore, a company spokesperson has promised a patch in the "near future" (from "MTV Multiplayer Blog":", via "PaidContent": Assuming EA fixes these problems and adopts a less draconian DRM policy, *will you go out and purchase the game?*