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Things AppleScripts

Just thought I'd throw these out here. They are a couple of AppleScripts that have helped me manage what I have going on in Things. "Followup Tomorrow": This script closes the task for today, creates a new one for tomorrow and adds the label "follow-up." This gives me a warm fuzzy that I got something accomplished for the day but that there is something else tomorrow that needs to be followed-up on. It doesn't copy notes, just the title. "Followup Next Business Day": This script functions the same was as the one above, but if you execute it on a friday, it will schedule it for Monday. Just throw these guys in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Things and you're set! To use them, click on a task and then select them from the Scripts menu in the top-right corner of the screen (or assign them a hot-key). Anyway, hope this helps someone!


It doesn't have to be checked off, just selected. I'd have to check, but I thought it copied the notes, too.