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Tuesday, 11:55 AM, my boss comes into my office and tells me that he needs to broadcast a message to all of our agents. After some google searches, I finally landed at "": Their site was clean, sign-up was pretty impressive, and the overall experience from their site and service has made me feel good about recommending them and talking about them. Their "account creation process": is really cool. You type in your name, phone number, password, etc... and then the system calls you. You hit '1' on your phone to verify your information, and about 3-4 seconds later, your screen refreshes and you are automatically logged into their website. Awesome! Their member area is very clean. Their "express" version (the version I signed up for) is very simple and straightforward. The same processes that one would use with sending a mass e-mail marketing messages applies, except it's even easier. One of the coolest things by far is the statistics.
Vontoo Customer Portal
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Very nice being able to see how well it performed. Billing is done by minutes, a minute for each call, basically. You can do pre-paid or look at their advanced accounts. If you've got the need to do phone-based mass communications, "Vontoo": is really great way to handle it! Their staff was friendly, support guys definitely helpful, and they definitely gave me the feeling of going "above and beyond." Check them out!