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Quick-n-Dirty Way to Get a WiFi Password on OS X

I saw this hint on how to get a list of the WiFi networks you have associated with. I'm one of those guys that uses Keychain Access to grab old passwords. This is way easier. I'm not sure what versions of OS X this will work on. Mountain Lion for sure, but probably 10.6 and up.

Just add this to your .bash_profile:


Automator Workflow To Copy Downloaded Music To iTunes and Then Trash It

I enjoy being lazy and enjoy listening to podcasts. This allows me to be really lazy!

Download the workflow



SmartSleep Can Kill Your Battery Life

I usually switch my system to "Better Energy Savings" while on battery. It kept switching back to "Custom." I ended up tracking the problem down to a program called "SmartSleep": It appears that it was changing my settings to Custom about every 30 seconds or so: de.jinx.SmartSleepDaemon[54] SmartSleepDaemon: setting hibernation state to: 0 If you are wanting to get the best out of your battery life while not connected to a power source, you might want to disable "SmartSleep":