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Alternating Alignments On Full Node Views With Contemplate

While converting my "Netoteric": site to "Drupal":, there was a small problem with the "portfolio": page. The items in it alternate between left and right. Views Theme Wizard didn't work. It was time for more desperate measures. I added a function in my custom template file, which created an index number and assigned it to a node member.

Fixing a Quiet Volume Problem on the iPhone Speakerphone

Yet another design flaw in the iPhone. The speakerphone worked great for a long time. Then one day, it got so quiet I couldn't use it anymore. I tried a volume hack when it was jail-broken but to no success. My problem wasn't a bad speaker, it was the iPhone equivalent of ear-wax. While pocket lint is nothing more than a nuisance for you and me, to the iPhone, it's kryptonite. The phone has little holes on the bottom so sounds can go through. And you know what?

New Snail Mail SPAM Tactic: Seek & Destroy

So in my weekly ritual of going through mail and shredding everything not of interest... my shredder choked pretty badly. Reverse. Forward. Still stuck. Pulled gently. Wouldn't budge. Pulled harder. Used two hands. Finally it came out. Turned shredder back on. Still stuck. What the hell? After 5 minutes, a screwdriver, and some needle-nose pliers, I finally found the culprit: !sites/! One of the auto dealerships had put a key in an envelope.

Building a Website with Drupal: A Methodology

"How do I build _X_ with "Drupal":" I've received the question a few times... over the past few weeks as my friends and colleagues have been persuaded to give "Drupal": a shot. But there is still one question that remains. Once you get past that initial step of getting your feet wet, you want more... and how do you get it? Here is a guide. h3. Step 1: Ask yourself "What am I really trying to achieve?" Don't limit yourself by what you know. Write down what you really want your site to do and have.

Download Adium X 1.3b2

Saw "this article on Ars Technica": earlier, and had to try it out. Latest beta of Adium has a Facebook module. Sure enough, it works like a charm. I can see and chat to everyone just as if they had IM, all from the comfort of Adium. !sites/! "Go download the Adium Beta": *UPDATE:* It appears that by using this module, it continuously logs you out of your browser session.

For all your Bruce Schneier Facts

"!sites/!": "Bruce Schneier Facts": My favorite... "Bruce Schneier's secure handshake is so strong, you won't be able to exchange keys with anyone else for days.":

How I Cut My Server's Load Average In (More Than) Half

I try to monitor my hosting server pretty closely. It's rare that a days goes by when I haven't checked logs and monitored process and memory usage. For the most part nothing big happens. It just makes me feel important.

Drag and Drop File Uploads in Adobe AIR

After doing quite a bit of research and testing, it seems as though drag-and-drop file uploads in AIR can't have progress monitors. If I'm wrong, I'd really like to hear about it. Drop me a line... nick @ <this domain> Looking through the Flash Documentation, it would appear that the Progress event for file uploads only fires from the FileReference object. You can't instantiate this object from inside Javascript.

My New Love Affair With Adobe AIR

While at php|tek this past week, I attended a session by "Ed Finkler": called "Building Desktop RIAs with PHP, HTML and Javascript in AIR": At first, I was skeptical. Surely, this was all too good to be true. Duly inspired, I set off hacking on my own application.

php|tek 2008 - Let the fun begin!

In Chicago for php|tek 2008. It hasn't even started, yet but fun has already begun. Met some really great people and learned that I need to idle in #phpc more. The weather is great here! Tomorrow it's off to the city for some touristy stuff.