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iPhone Functionality Wishlist

A list things which would be really nice to have for the iPhone:

h2. Using the iPhone as a remote monitor (of sorts)

While docked, for instance, you could have CPU, Memory, HDD, etc usage running on your phone. Apps could use the phone for extra input or space. You could play music on your main machine and have it do visualization. Download managers can talk to the phone and show throughput, etc. Xtorrent could put it's "finished" display on there. Just some ideas.

h2. Phone Integration

A Question To Everyone Who Downloaded Spore

Spore has become the "“Most Pirated Game Ever Thanks To DRM”": I understand and can't say that I would not do the same thing considering the circumstances. "Erick Schonfeld from TechCrunch explains":

The DRM that comes with the official game only allows customers to use it on three machines (after that you have to call EA for permission to activate the game on additional machines).

Apple, Please Give Me Picture Messages

Normally, I'm not much of a complainer. But this is one of those things that I was *sure* would have eventually been fixed by now. Perhaps my thought process is lacking something. Why doesn't the iPhone have Multimedia messaging? I can e-mail photos, "“text smarter than any smartphone,”": and watch Youtube but I can't get a picture of my little brother and Jordan with funny masks on at the halloween store sent from another mobile phone.

Voice Messaging Done Right With

Tuesday, 11:55 AM, my boss comes into my office and tells me that he needs to broadcast a message to all of our agents. After some google searches, I finally landed at "": Their site was clean, sign-up was pretty impressive, and the overall experience from their site and service has made me feel good about recommending them and talking about them. Their "account creation process": is really cool. You type in your name, phone number, password, etc... and then the system calls you.

Would You Rather Becomes SpeedDate

Finally read about the Facebook Application "Would You Rather suddenly becoming SpeedDate": on "TechCrunch": What a slimy tactic. Why are applications even allowed to change their name? You would think they wouldn't allow it.

Things Not To Twitter

A few days ago some friends and I were talking about someone's wedding plans and joked that instead of getting it photographed, you could just live blog/twitter it. That is probably _not_ the best way to handle a wedding, but it is even less of a good way to handle "a 3 year old's funeral":

Trying Yammer...

"Yammer": seems to be pretty cool. The idea (twitter, but limited to a company) is nifty, and definitely useful. Admin privileges only cost $1/mo./user. Interesting. Wish they had an iPhone app!

On The Road

The card works great in Northeast Oklahoma. Heading to Baxter Springs and it's still going. Peaked down earlier at 1.67Mbits, and up at 435Kbits. Not too shabby. It's been an interesting trip so far. Drove under the largest McDonalds in the U.S. Saw an über-mullet, and overheard some interesting things at a Wal-mart right after we got into Okahoma. Ate lunch at a Wendy's in Muskogee. Almost died when a car careened across the median into the northbound lane on 69. Got flipped off by a trucker on 44.

Boo, Yay Verizon Wireless

Well, I'm heading up to Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas this weekend with Sarah to visit her kids up there. It'll be a long weekend since we have Monday off! Considering my quasi-successful PHP4 to PHP5 upgrade on my hosting server last week, I figure it'd be a good idea to get a wireless access card. This is how my adventure began... When I first got my own cell-phone in college, I ordered it directly from "": It was quick and painless. What happened between then and now?

Why I Disagree With Psystar

I'm an avid Mac user and wouldn't trade my machine for anything. I _do_ agree that there is a need for a mid-range Mac, just like the ones "Psystar offers": So when "Psystar": started shipping systems, it looked pretty tempting.