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Fixing an HFS+ Disk That Will Not Mount

I was unboxing my 1st Gen Drobo today so that I could plug it into my Airport Extreme to share it on my network. I got a blinking amber light. So I plugged the Drobo into my Mac and I get this message in Console...


Quick-n-Dirty Way to Get a WiFi Password on OS X

I saw this hint on how to get a list of the WiFi networks you have associated with. I'm one of those guys that uses Keychain Access to grab old passwords. This is way easier. I'm not sure what versions of OS X this will work on. Mountain Lion for sure, but probably 10.6 and up.

Just add this to your .bash_profile:


Day One of Media Fast

Well, it has been 24 hours since I last looked Facebook. I turned off notifications on my phone and went a step further on my laptop. I have this bad habit of creating a new tab and then tapping F-A- and letting autocomplete finish the job.

Thoughts on eBooks

In my previous post, I mentioned that my wife had gotten me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and that I read nearly every day on it. It is no surprise to me that this morning, while going through my News Reader, I happened upon this article over at Coding Horror. He discusses the pros and cons of both printed and eBooks and summarizes his thoughts thusly:

About Gatekeeper

Great article about application security on the upcoming Mountain Lion:

About Gatekeeper: "

Today’s Mountain Lion announcement introduces an important new security feature, called Gatekeeper, in addition to the “sandboxing” feature that premiered in Lion. I’d like to talk a little bit about it, and why it’s important to all Mac users.

Automator Workflow To Copy Downloaded Music To iTunes and Then Trash It

I enjoy being lazy and enjoy listening to podcasts. This allows me to be really lazy!

Download the workflow



Alfred Scripture Lookup for Bible Translations

Lately I've had a big appreciation in the number of different translations and often find myself wanting to look up a verse very quickly.

Finally! An HTML to PDF Workflow That Works

It is a problem that is as old as computers: making the representation of text and data beautiful. At Classy Llama, we have been searching for a way to make the massive amounts of information we work with accessible, easy to manage, and also beautiful. Here is a workflow that we have started using. Perhaps you might find it useful too.


Attending x.commerce Innovate Developer Conference

Tomorrow, several other "Classy Llamas": and I will be heading to San Francisco to attend the "x.commerce": "Innovate Developers Conference":! This is very exciting for a couple of reasons: # The idea of x.commerce is very ambitious. It is the first platform that aims to be first full-spectrum, end-to-end eCommerce platform.

Arrays With UTF-16 Strings Will Give You Headaches

Today I was working with some CSV files using PHP's "fgetcsv": and "array_search": functions. I had a row like this:
Looks normal, right? But when I was running array_search('cus_no', $headerRow) it would return FALSE.