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Moving the Cursor in OSX's CLI

Just found this "great little article over at": about how you can use meta-b and meta-f to use backwords and forwards by words in the CLI. Since there is no meta key, you have to use ?-b and ?-f (escape as meta). Optionally, you can set the option key as meta in Terminal's settings: !!

Easily View Magento Layout with Alan Storm's Layoutviewer

Alan Storm has a great module called Layoutviewer that is great for front-end developers.  It allows you to see the layout that Magento will use to render a page. This can be useful to debug what layout updates have been applied to a page.  One way or another, it usually ends up in most of my development sites.

Here is a nice little shell script you can copy-and-paste or download to easily add it to your project:


I Love the HP Officejet H470

A couple of years ago, while doing research for a class my boss was teaching our agents for CE credit, I helped present a "mobile" office.

Limits on Powder & Primers

At my boss's direction, I called the City Attorney's office and inquired about the maximum amount of powder & primers that one might possess at home. According to the city attorney Temple, TX adopted the 2006 ICC Fire Code and you are limited to:
  • 1 pound of black powder
  • 20 pounds of smokeless powder
  • 10,000 small arms primers
He wasn't sure if this was 'per person' or if this was a limit based on the location.

Theming Local Task Tabs in Drupal 6

In one of the primary applications on our intranet, we use small icons in the process to help our Agents and Home office users through the process.

Agents see something like this:

While our employees see something more along the lines of this:

There are various combinations but the point that I'd like to impress is that a use-case exists for theming Drupal's MENU_LOCAL_TASK tabs.


Panic's Checkout Form

Just bought the "Transmit 4": upgrade. Having used Transmit 3 for several years, the UI improvements are a big deal. It seems like some of the nit-picky stuff irked me was fixed and overall the app feels worth the $19 upgrade. Panic has always been detailed oriented. Their site has always been easy to use and a pleasure to navigate.
Tags: A URL shortener (and smartener) for

The last day of DrupalCon, after talking to several people about URLs, was born. It's goal is to make URLs easy and smarter. For instance, where else can see someone's profile by just typing their name? "": Anyhoo, check out the site itself: "": or "this post on d.o": for more information. Any comments & suggestions are welcome!

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Brass Rocks!

After reading "Jason Baney's article on ultrasonic brass cleaning":, it's hard not to try it out. Cabela's cheapest "brass tumbler kit": costs $63.

Finally: Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 Upgrade of our Production Intranet

Since getting to RVOS, a lot of my focus has been on improving things. Improving the network (new APs, redundant switches), infrastructure downtime (40+ hours a week to <2hrs a week), improving applications (bugfixes on custom apps), and in general, the way business is done. Our intranet went live in Q3 of 2007, when "Drupal 6 was still -beta1": Right after we went live, I tried to upgrade and failed miserably.

Intricacies of the Lee Press

Got my "Lee Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press Anniversary Kit": this week. Here is a comixed version of my experience: !/sites/! h2. What really happened... h3. I didn't read the directions My buddy uses the Hornady "Handbook of Cartridge Reloading": and their "kit": to do his reloading.