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How To Stop Your Shoei Helmet's Whistling Problem

I finally replaced a ZAMP helmet that I had received when purchasing my old bike with a Shoei RF 1100 Firestrike. This is a great helmet. The only problem was that it whistled at 60+ mph. Turns out that all you have to do is make a couple of adjustments to make it stop.

One More Reason to Support MidwayUSA

"Midway USA": is a business out of Columbia, MO that has "just about everything for Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing, and Hunting." At 2nd Annual TSRA Foundation Banquet, they "donated $100,000 for TSRA youth shooting programs": That is awesome. They've never been a disappointment to me either, and it is great to see someone who gives back to the communities that support them! Support "Midway USA":!

Getting a with pdftk while using MAMP?

Man, talk about a frustrating problem! I kept getting this errors while calling pdftk (from the mac installer, which the version as of this writing is 1.12): Unhandled Java Exception: <> Anyway, after *much* hair pulling, the answer was found!

My First (contributed) Drupal Module: Permission Report

Very proud to announce my first contributed drupal module! "Permission Report": bq. Permission Report calculates and displays permissions a user has and shows which roles grant those permissions. It also provides ability to list users in a role, look at role membership information, view which users have a particular permission, and dig down into complicated role and permission problems. Hope that this is the first of many contributions to come!

A Curious Anomaly in AMD vs. Intel

At a recent get-together, a bunch of IT people were asked about their preference in processor technology. Not surprisingly, Intel was the most preferred and AMD was all but left in the low-end bargain bin.

This observation is not new by any means, and I personally subscribe to this way of thinking. What strikes me as interesting though, was this recently "ZDNet article about the Cray XT5 Jaguar":

Avoid Using The Drupal "path" Module To Create Clean Paths In Your Module

I've been doing a lot of cleanup of certain modules at the office. Two in particular are heavily used apps that incorporate pre-made default views with screens to add nodes or do information lookups. Part of the problem with this is that although I had a decent URL structure (many paths were aliased), my breadcrumbs were never right. I usually had to override them to make them work the way I wanted to (Drupal 5 on my end): drupal_set_breadcrumb(array(...)) This is a hack!

Things AppleScripts

Just thought I'd throw these out here. They are a couple of AppleScripts that have helped me manage what I have going on in Things. "Followup Tomorrow": This script closes the task for today, creates a new one for tomorrow and adds the label "follow-up." This gives me a warm fuzzy that I got something accomplished for the day but that there is something else tomorrow that needs to be followed-up on.

SmartSleep Can Kill Your Battery Life

I usually switch my system to "Better Energy Savings" while on battery. It kept switching back to "Custom." I ended up tracking the problem down to a program called "SmartSleep": It appears that it was changing my settings to Custom about every 30 seconds or so: de.jinx.SmartSleepDaemon[54] SmartSleepDaemon: setting hibernation state to: 0 If you are wanting to get the best out of your battery life while not connected to a power source, you might want to disable "SmartSleep":

How To Make Scaled Images Look Better in IE

Alert reader Chris S. emailed me to point out this post by a developer at flickr about how to make IE scale images more smoothly. All you have to do is add...

img { -ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic; }

to the stylesheet. It worked!

Via Joel on Software.

Altering Profile Field (profile.module) View Functionality

Someone here at DIWD had a question on how to modify a view (in Views 1.6) that uses profile fields (defined with profile.module). The specific idea was taking a "name" field and making it link to the user profile. This can be done with two functions defined in a module. For this particular scenario, we created a module specifically for this called obs.module (named for Austin Smith's obs module during his "NYO Site Dissection @ DIWD": ).